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Trailer Hippies Band

Trailer Hippies Band Trailer Hippies Band Trailer Hippies Band



Sometimes when the conditions are just right groovy magic happens. It was just this kind of magical chemistry that began brewing in the winter of 2011, when Tommy & Silvia Davis first met at an open mic in Chattanooga, TN. Silvia, a homegrown singer/songwriter from Michigan quickly caught the attention of Tommy Davis a local N. Georgia award winning singer/songwriter originally from the coal mining state of West Virginia. The two were instantly impressed by the others talent and style. Each recognizing the similarities between them. The draw was inevitable, and a friendship was naturally established.  

Due to life circumstances they lost touch with each other and ironically, simultaneously both lifelong musicians took a long hiatus from their craft. In the Summer of 2016 Silvia returned to the music scene and was hosting an open mic in Ocoee, TN. It was just about the same time Tommy was getting back to music himself. He noticed Silvia’s ad on Facebook and came to Ocoee to participate.  The attraction between the two was undeniable and Tommy asked Silvia if she would be interested in getting together to work on some harmonies. She enthusiastically agreed and shortly thereafter their relationship evolved both musically and romantically. Blending their talents and their lives together they became the “Trailer Hippies”.  Then in September of 2017 at Tommy’s family home in the beautiful hills of West Virginia the Trailer Hippies got hitched and currently reside in their trailer in the woods in Chatsworth, Georgia.

In 2019 Trailer Hippies released their first album, “Trailer Hippies for Life”, featuring 13 original songs and they are already working on their next album. They are enjoying the ride so far and their soulful, heartfelt music is gaining a rapid following captivating audiences of music lovers everywhere they go. Tommy Davis with his rugged Arlo Guthrie style and Silvia with her Emmy Lou like resonance have been described as magically harmonious with a deep soulful sound. They are grateful to be traveling the countryside sharing their music at wineries, breweries, restaurants, pubs, taverns, festivals, fundraisers and other private events stretching across North Georgia, South East Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia and even Michigan and plan to continue their musical journey as long as life allows.

Groovy Magic is the vibe that is evoked whenever the Trailer Hippies are in the house. Tommy and Silvia Davis are a husband and wife live acoustic music act. These two North Georgia singer/songwriters are keeping it real with their mountain/folk/homespun sound. They have joined their talents to create a unique harmonious blend of original music as well as covers by artists such as John Prine, Johnny Cash, Gillian Welsh, Patsy Cline and other greats. From their hearts to yours “It’s all about love, life and liberty” and feel good music.

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Trailer Hippies

Groovy Magic is what to expect from this dynamic duo. Tommy & Silvia Davis are both seasoned singer/songwriters with more than 40 years of musicianship experience between them. They are both self taught and natural born musical talents. 


The Journey

  • Tommy Davis, an award winning songwriter from "Wild Wonderful West Virginia", started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 15. He has been playing professionally since the 90's. Then around 1998 he hit the Chattanooga music scene and has played several venues over the years. Tommy was one of the  regular house musicians at the Dalton Depot for 2 years and played venues in Chattanooga and North Georgia. He was asked to participate in the first three Noogapalooza shows in Chattanooga, TN and has played Whitfield and Murray County event stages. He recorded his first 10 song all original CD, "Lately" in 2011. The Cd was produced by Preston Parris in Cleveland, TN.  His song, "Finger Printed Fool", was picked up by a local radio station and used as their theme introduction music.   
  • Tommy Davis is a known for his smooth vocals, clean folk guitar picking and his story telling lyrics.  He is an avid fan of John Prine and has been heavily influenced by Prine's simple yet brilliant song writing. Tommy has been compared vocally to artists such as Arlo Guthrie, John Denver and James Taylor. One thing is for sure he is a genuine article in life, and it shines through his music and his performances like a beacon of radiant blue light.
  • Michigan raised songbird, Silvia Davis picked up the guitar at the tender age of 12. She wrote her first song when she was 16 years old, titled "Autumn Love Song". She is known for her poignant heartfelt lyrics and clean angelic vocals. To name a few, her voice has been compared to Emmy Lou Harris, Stacy Earl, Shawn Colvin, and Allison Kraus. Silvia was influenced musically at an early age by country singers like Dolly Pardon and Tanya Tucker. Later she developed a love for 70's folk music and she "digs" James Taylor and Neil Young. She was born to a family rich with musical talent. Many of her relatives are performing artists and songwriters including her first cousin, Chris Powell who was awarded 2019 Instrumentalist of the year in 2019.
  • Silvia began playing music in clubs and bars at the age of 16 with her late father, "Mike da Wolf VanDell", from Jackson, MI. Mike was a lifer in the music business and blazed a trail of performances across the country. A couple of fun facts about Mike, he played in a band with Bob Segar in the old days before Segar's claim to fame. back in the early 60's he was the lead man in the then up and coming band called the "Tellstars". Then in the early 80's his band toured with Rick Springfield. In 2002, shortly before his death he recorded his first CD "Howlin' for The USA", it was produced  by recording artist, Razzy Bailey.
  • Music took a backseat in Silvia's life for many years as she became a young  mother. But during those years she continued writing songs and periodically recorded various works. She moved to Marco Island, Fl. in the year 2000. While living there she was asked to open shows for he popular band "Super Freaks" at the island's well-known club, "Mustang Sally's". In the mid 2000's she was asked to join a local theater troupe in Belleville, Mi. She received rave reviews for her star quality performance in the cabaret style show "Cocktails and Cole". Silvia has recorded several CD's. In 1998 she recorded her first in studio demo featuring 3 of her original songs produced by Clyve Davis in Detroit, MI. Then In 2006 she went to Houston to record  10 song original CD, "Miracles and Dreams" produced by Andrea Crimmins Renfeee. But it wasn't until she moved to Polk County, TN in 2009 that she began putting more focus on her music.  She began getting out and playing open mic nights and then booking shows occasionally. She was interviewed by WOOP radio in Cleveland, TN on the "Fro Daddy" show. Her song "Christmas Time in Polk County Tennessee" is still played every year on the radio show around Christmas time. Now since she has joined forces with the love of her life, Tommy Davis Silvia is free to put 100% of her energy into making music. In 2016 Tommy introduced her to the very talented multi-instrumentalist and producer, Preston Parris from Cleveland, TN. She recorded a 13 all original song CD with Preston titled, "Ashes to Ashes".


Better Than the Dream


  • Tommy & Silvia started performing together in 2016, then in September 2017 they were married in Tommy’s family home in West Virginia. Since then they have been performing under the name Trailer Hippies. Why Trailer Hippies? some have asked, “do you really live in a trailer?”. The answer is, yes. These down to earth soulful hippies live in a trailer in the woods. That is how the name was born. They describe part of their story in a beautiful love song they wrote together titled, "Better Than the Dream". And if you ever get up close and personal you can see that it's true.
  • Trailer Hippies are known for their amazing harmonies and feel good vibe. They call their sound mountain/folk/homespun. Magical is the term used by many to describe their performances. Their love for each other and for sharing the gift of music is clearly demonstrated no matter where they may be performing. From West Virginia to Michigan, North Georgia, Southeast Tennessee and North Carolina they have been spreading their “groovy magic” to wineries, breweries, listening rooms, charity events, bars, festivals, city parks and private events. Trailer Hippies are diamonds in the rough and they are just getting started. Their goal is to share their musical message of love, life and liberty with the world. Times seem uncertain these days and Trailer Hippies believe music is the best medicine to raise weary spirits. 
  • Their first Album as "Trailer Hippies" was released in early 2019. It is titled “Trailer Hippies for Life.” The Album features 13 original tracks written and performed by Tommy & Silvia Davis and produced by the very skilled multi-instrumentalist/producer Preston Parris from Cleveland, TN. It is available on all digital formats such as spotify, itunes, youtube etc… Currently Trailer Hippies are steadily building a loyal fan base and their unique brand seems to resonate with audiences of all ages. Trailer Hippies are keeping it real with their down-home vibe and folks are digging it everywhere they go.